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COVID-19 Statement *Updated 24th March*

Firstly, let me say I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

By now everyone will realise that we are living through very unusual and unprecedented times. The effects that the COVID-19 outbreak is having are being felt far and wide so it is no surprise that it is also having an effect on our Hobby.

Currently Anne and I are both well and BlackMike Models continues to operate as normal and we hope to keep everything that way if we possibly can. We are starting to see Model Shows we had planned to attend being cancelled and fully expect that more Shows will fall by the wayside in the days to come. This is unfortunate but everyone's health has to come first.

The other direct impact the current situation is having on BlackMike Models is that the various Postal Services we use are under some pressure and various services are either being delayed or suspended. With that in mind we have had to temporarily suspend Overseas Sales and we have had to suspend the guaranteed 48 hour delivery option until further notice too. We will continue to use Courier services for as long as they are available and where appropriate but will no longer be able to guarantee a set timescale for delivery. Royal Mail and Parcelforce are also dropping their guaranteed delivery timescales so we will all have to be a little more patient when waiting for our orders to arrive. Our local Royal Mail Sorting Office has informed us that we may start to see a 24 hour delay in the processing of our mail onwards to the central distribution centre due to a temporary change to the timings of their trucks. 

We will keep you all updated as and when the situation dictates but in the meantime Anne and I hope you all stay healthy and safe during this worrying situation.

Duncan B

24th March 2020


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