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Colourcoats Set 1936-1941 Foreign Stations Colourset

Colourcoats Set 1936-1941 Foreign Stations Colourset


Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats 1936-1941 Foreign Stations Colourset.
From 1936 to 1941 standing orders were to paint Royal Navy ships on foreign stations in overall Admiralty Pattern 507C. Steel decks and would be dark deck grey.
Features 3 x 14ml tins of enamel paints matched to the originals including:
All vertical surfaces€”NARN22 - 1936- Light Grey 507C
Steel decks€”NARN23 - WW2 Dark Grey Non-Slip Deck Paint
Underwater Hull€”NARN42 - Royal Navy WW2 Antifouling Red

Please Note - We are unable to post Colourcoats Paint, these are for collection at Shows we are attending only. If you wish to pre-order this Set for collection please contact us.

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