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Colourcoats Set 1943-1945 Royal Navy B&G Series Colourset - Paint Sets - BlackMike Models

Colourcoats Set 1943-1945 Royal Navy B&G Series Colourset


Information Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats 1943-1945 Royal Navy B&G Series Colourset.
During 1942 the Royal Navy's understanding of camouflage effectiveness improved rapidly, and it became clear that in order that the camouflage paints be used correctly that the fleet, uneducated in colour science, be more readily able to understand the properties of the paints. Tone was more important than exact hue. The B&G series were promulgated in Admiralty Fleet Order 2106 in April 1943 and replaced all exterior paints used hitherto. G10 and G45 were however exactly the same as Admiralty Pattern 507A and 507C respectively. In late 1944 it became clear that G20 was the only paint in the series which required Ochre Yellow oil paste stores to make. Since tone was very much more important in camouflage patterns than hue, AFO 3545 promulgated B20 in place of G20. B20 was simply an equal parts mix of B15 and B30, thus eliminating the need to store the Ochre Yellow pigment unique to G20. G20 would remain available for the remainder of the war for use where preferred, however, being of equal tone to B20, one would not expect to see G20 and B20 used simultaneously on the same ship.

Features 8 x 14ml tins of enamel paints matched to the originals including: Camouflage Colour - NARN28 - G5 Camouflage Colour - NARN21 - G10 (Shade of 507A) 10% RF Camouflage Colour - NARN33 - B15 Camouflage Colour - NARN30 - G20 Camouflage Colour - NARN36 - B20 (introduced in late 1944) Camouflage Colour - NARN37 - B30 Camouflage Colour - NARN22 - G45 (Shade of 507C) Camouflage Colour - NARN40 - B55

Please Note - We are unable to post Colourcoats Paints, these are for collection at Shows we attend only. If you wish to pre-order this set please select 'Collect at Show' and state which show at checkout.

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