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Mission Models MMC-001 Chrome Acrylic Paint 1oz/30ml

Mission Models MMC-001 Chrome Acrylic Paint 1oz/30ml

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Mission Models Chrome and Gloss Black Base are very easy to use. Although they can be thinned to meet your needs, there is no need as both can be used straight from the bottle. The MMP Gloss Black Base is what allows the chrome to "reflect" like a mirror. The smoother and glossier the Gloss Black Base is applied, the better the chrome effect will be.

MMP Chrome is made with finely processed 6061 Aluminum and is extremely durable when dry. 

Painting Tips:

Once you are satisfied with the preparation of the Gloss Black Base it is time to shoot the MMP Chrome. There is no need to add MMP Thinner. Shake MMP Chrome well and pour it directly into airbrush or epoxy mixing cup. Deliver light even UNIFORM coats using an air pressure of 10-15psi. Dust it on lightly and build it up slowly while keeping the airbrush moving at all times to avoid runs, puddles, or fish eyes. Allow each layer to dry 30 seconds to 1 minute before applying the next. Be methodical and think before you spray. As you build successive layers, you will begin to see the chrome effect. You will go from "Black Chrome" to dark chrome to chrome. As the paint dries, the chrome effect will appear. Use your best judgement and know when to stop as too much chrome will make the finish appear less shiny.

Chrome Tips:  

  • Distance please see Gloss Black Base PSI and Distance section. 
  • PSI we prefer (air pressure) of about 10-15 psi.   
  • Test before you shoot. We always recommend testing on scrap before shooting the final piece.
  • Be Methodical. Take your time. Think twice, spray once. Chrome needs to be built up in light layers. As you shoot you will see the transformation. 
  • When applied properly, MMP Chrome is very durable. It can be wet sanded, polished and clear coated for various effects. 
  • Do not add MMP Polymix to MMP Gloss Black Base or MMP Chrome


MMP Chrome can be tinted with any standard MMP color of paint for various color effects. Just add a couple drops of any color to the chrome before spraying. We leave this effect up to you to experiment with. We do not have a ratio for tinting. You can add 1 drop or 10 drops to find the level of tint you are seeking. If you start adding drops of MMP paint to your chrome in an epoxy mixing cup, you will notice that the chrome will tint instantly. We feel less is more when starting. If you add less tint to the chrome and build up on the work surface, you will have more control when it comes to color depth and opacity. The more you build up, the darker the finish. Again, we highly recommend testing on scrap or black glossy plastic spoons. 

Troubleshooting - Chrome:  

If applied too heavy, MMP Chrome can fast become silver paint. This happens due to the fact that the pigment has become so concentrated that all reflection from the Gloss Black Base has been canceled out and the reflection is dead. Be cautious. Know when to stop visually. Again practice makes perfect.  

Applied properly, the MMP Chrome system will result in a beautiful durable finish. 


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