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Colourcoats Set Royal Navy 1944- Standard Scheme B Colourset - Paint Sets

Colourcoats Set Royal Navy 1944- Standard Scheme B Colourset


Information Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats enamel paint set for Royal Navy Standard Scheme B, in use from late 1944. The Royal Navy simplified its camouflage schemes further in 1944.
"Standard Scheme A" was intended for use on both Home stations and the Mediterranean during winter months only (defined in CB.3098 (1945) as November to April. It comprised an all-over B55 exterior finish but with a rectangular panel of B30 painted on the hull from the waterline part way up to the main deck. The B30 panel stopped short of stem and stern, which was intended to give an initial deception about the length of the ship to an observer upon first sighting, and thus confuse the range. Steel decks and turret tops would likely be G10. The scheme made no requirements for painting of horizontal surfaces so standard practises of dark surfaces (best for concealment from aircraft) probably applied. Features 3 x 14ml tins of enamel paints matched to the originals including: All over vertical surfaces - NARN40 - B55 Rectangular panel on hull - NARN37 - B30 Steel decks - NARN21 - G10  

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