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Trumpeter Mig-23ML Flogger G

Trumpeter 02855 1/48 Mikoyan Mig-23ML Flogger-G

£34.95 £39.99

Trumpeter 1/48 Mig-23ML Flogger-G plastic model kit.

  The MiG-23 was designed in 1964-66 as a successor to the MiG-21. In addition to a much more powerful engine, the MiG-23's most significant new feature was its variable sweep wing. Like the USAF's swing wing F-111, the sweep of the wings could be changed in flight. Fully spread, this gives a shorter takeoff/landing roll while carrying a heavier weapons load. With the wings fully swept back, the MiG-23 has greater speed. The wing has three sweep settings: 16, 45, and 72 degrees. The prototype first flew in April 1967 and MiG-23s began entering operational service in 1971. 

The kit includes over 350 parts including photo-etch, optional position flaps and wing sweep position, detailed cockpit and undercarriage and external stores. Length is 365.9mm with a wingspan of 290.3mm

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