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Colourcoats US Army Air Force WWII Colourset



Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats delux enamel paint set for US Army Air Force in WWII.

Features 6 x 14ml tins of enamel paints matched to the originals including:


For 1941 through 1943 two-tone camouflage schemes this set features:

1 x ACUS13 WW2 USAAF Neutral Gray

1 x ACUS15 WW2 USAAF Olive Drab '41

For 1943 onward schemes, this set also features:

1 x ACUS12 Olive Drab ANA613

For the interior of your model, from late 1943 onwards ANA611 was theoretically in use, but Bronze Green #9 was in use in many types before then, and was one of those colours that just wouldn't go away, right until the Cold War infact! Furthermore, many heavies (e.g. B24 Liberator) used Dull Dark Green inside.

1 x ACUS09 Interior Green (ANA611)

1 x ACUS24 Dull Dark Green

1 x ACUS30 Bronze Green #9



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