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Colourcoats US Navy WWII Atlantic Delux Colourset



Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats delux enamel paint set for US Navy in the Atlantic.

Features 6 x 14ml tins of enamel paints matched to the originals including:


For the Atlantic two-tone schemes, this set features :

1 x ACUS37 Insignia White ANA601 used on undersides

1 x ACUS40 Dark Ghost Gray used on upper surfaces

To complete the national insignia using popular paint masks:

1 x ACUS39 Insignia Blue ANA605

Several types seeing service in the Atlantic (F4F Wildcat, TBF/TBM Avenger) were pre-1943 designs with interiors finished in Bronze Green #9, Dull Dark Green or even ANA611 Interior Green. With that in mind, this set includes:

1 x ACUS09 Interior Green

1 x ACUS24 Dull Dark Green

1 x ACUS30 Bronze Green #9



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