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VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions AX14 Chipping medium 3K 30ml - BlackMike Models

VMS AX14 Chipping Medium 3K - 30ml


VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions Chipping Medium 3K - 30ml

Chipping medium. Brush a thin coat of chipping medium over initial paint coat and allow it to dry, force drying possible (low setting). Spray a 2nd coat of paint over so prepared layer of chipping medium and allow it to dry, force drying not recommended. Once dry you can start removing portions of paint using a brush soaked with water. Wet the entire paint layer. Use scrubber brush for quicker results. Use only with water-based (acrylic) paints!  IMPORTANT: The product is susceptible to low temperatures and mustn't be frozen! Store and handle in room temperature.

Combine with: Any water based acrylic paint 

Recommended techniques: brush

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