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VMS AX13C Decal Set & Fix -30ml - BlackMike Models

VMS AX13C Decal Set & Fix - 30ml


VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions Decal Set & Fix - 30ml

To add extra adhesive and set the decal apply VMS Decal Set & Fix over the area the decal is to be applied to then apply the decal. You can use a cotton bud to help the decal conform to the surface, perform gentle tapping motion. Do not get the fluid on the paint job as it can dissolve the paint (true for any softening fluid brand). If the paint reacts with the fluid simply introduce a bit of water to neutralise the fluid and leave the paint be, it will revert to its original state. After 24h seal the decal using VMS Varnish HD. Due to the multitude of decals on the market and varying thickness of carrier films always check if the fluid is compatible on a spare decal first! ( If the fluid is too strong you can dilute it with water in 1:1 or 1:2 water to softener ratio and still use the fluid with your decals. This problem is rare though. 

Can be used in conjunction with AX13S to conform to more difficult surfaces.

Combine with: Decals

Recommended techniques: Brush

Available volume: 30 ml dropper bottle

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